Racial profiling at NADA?

A weird entanglement I witnessed at the door of NADA, where a guy wasn’t being allowed in apparently because of his dreadlocks (?! — but that’s actually what the security was telling him) and being black. “We’ve had some gang activity.” Meanwhile, dude was there with his girlfriend and a baby in a stroller, so wtf?? The two security idiots stood their ground, and eventually somebody else was called in and it looked like the situation was diffused and they were going to let him in. But seriously.

A couple of times I heard him ask, “is it because I’m black?”

And the security guys would get all indignant, “don’t start that shit!” when really they weren’t giving him much reason to doubt that that was exactly what it was.

Talk about an absolutely moronic response by the management of NADA to whatever incident they may or may not have had.

7 thoughts on “Racial profiling at NADA?

  1. Local security and event staff is stretched very thin with all the parties/shows going on. NADA probably had to hire some crackers from central FL…

  2. re: cb
    is that some sort of joke comment?
    or are you honestly complaining about racial profiling by racially profiling “crackers from central fl” ??

  3. I also deplore the profiling of “crackers from central fl”. It’s hardly fair to the crackers from Metro Dade and Broward, let alone the conchs from Monroe.

  4. LOL, I went to NADA yesterday and lo and behold there was a no-neck security goon at the door. The vibe was a big contrast with the art nerds and hipsters laying in hammocks inside.

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