Note on Quaker oatmeal

“learn to feel as good or better about hte picture of the Quaker as you did about he real person supplying your oats before… who doesn’t feel good about Quakers? they’re dedicated to exactly the kind of town meetings and local sharing that a national oats company would seek to replace [sic]” — #33 of Scott Heiferman’s 101 notes on Douglas Rushkoff’s new book. Read ‘em all, or start at the end, the last 20 or so are the best!!!

One thought on “Note on Quaker oatmeal

  1. Having grown up in the Quaker City (founded by William Penn himself), let me tell you what a Quaker told me is the true and accurate definition of a Quaker: “A guy who buys from a Scotsman to sell to a Jew and walk away with a profit.”

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