Radiolab on the Multi-universes

“So, the chances of us being in a naturally occurring real world might be smaller than the chances that we belong to the fifth-grade project of a geeky kid on the planet Xanthar.” — Radiolab on the Multi-universes. (Radiolab is better when they drop the pointless “experimental” editing tricks and just have a conversation.)

5 thoughts on “Radiolab on the Multi-universes

  1. I love that show. That episode was particularly great. On a side note, I actually like the fact that they’re so random when it comes to their editing and I think that the point is that it is pointless (as nonsensical as that may sound).

  2. yep, that’s what Chad keeps telling me. Personally, I find the editing irritating and patronizing, and it’s what’s kept me from listening to the show regularly. But I’m giving it a chance

  3. The editing and kooky effects are fine, at least trying to do something different with a medium who’s idea of it tends to involve the political opinion of somebody driving home from work. If you hear enough Radiolab you eventually tune it out anyway.

    They have the occasional meandering segment, but I still value a Radiolab episode more than any other Podcast I get.

    If you haven’t heard it yet, I highly recommend the “diagnosis” episode from last season. Especially the second segment.…

  4. my first sentence is all kinds of wrong, here’s what I meant = “at least they are trying to do something different with a medium whose idea of entertainment tends to involve the political opinion of somebody driving home from work.”

  5. Well, I think “doing something different” should be focused on better content. But it’s cool, I understand that “appealing to the kids” is such a mysterious yet important priority that we need to throw as much craziness at the wall and pray that something will stick.

    Check out To the Best of Our Knowledge for an NPR show that provides unpretentious, detailed, comprehensive, and fresh takes on a wide range of topics without resorting to this kind of goofiness.

    But yes, RadioLab can be great. It’s just that it’s in spite of their format, not because of it.

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