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Thom Collins, the semi-new director of the Miami Art Museum, has a video blog, which he opens by apologizing for the crappy quality of: “I’m a rank amateur!” It’s shot at the construction site of the new MAM building, and it’s actually pretty good!

4 thoughts on “MAM video blog

  1. Braking ground with gold plated shovels courtesy of a silent tax base is almost acceptable. Trampling through the swamp for the forceable future of transition is the job no seasoned administrator wanted. The hard hat compliments his wide stance. Everyman is a publisher today.

  2. it’s a small and mostly low-risk thing, but credit where due: i can’t think of another cult-inst-director who’d do this.

    the tax base is hardly ‘silent’ — the motherfuckers VOTED FOR THIS in a popular referendum. And since then, the cost of construction has plummeted. As far as I’m concerned, they’re getting a bargain.

  3. Can’t site actual voter turnout on this one, but typical 10-15 % is not exactly a public mandate. Should we expect a bargain Britto to be featured prominently or tucked away behind a neat row of transplanted palms? Just ask Ron Book. Listen, I am all for the mega-park-thing, as i was for the Phillip Johnson complex of inadequacy. I still drive a ’99 clunker and seldom spurge on pricy Arsht events. Would local museums give free lifetime membership to a list of bona fide miami artists who are the backbone of this so called arts awakening? i doubt it.

  4. Hmm, my clunker’s a ’98.

    I think it’s pretty bogus to skip an election and then later cry “my voice wasn’t heard in that debate.” How well future-MAM manages to interface with the local artist community remains to be seen, but keep in mind that that is a tough nut to crack, and far from their only concern.

    My only point here: this video is a promising sign.

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