5 thoughts on “Timothy Geithner and his ‘innocent mistake’

  1. Rick doesn’t cut me much slack on account of a number of times I’ve taken him to task for various things. It’s all good.

  2. Having a tax cheat as the Top T-Man, to whom I believe the IRS ultimately reports, just means there’s a “Man of the People” in the cabinet. One of us. A regular guy with a hole in his ass. With any luck, he smokes dope and wanks at internets porn.

    What’s funny is the way the Dems want to look the other way and the ‘Pubs get all sanctimonious. They’re all the same. It’s just an act. It all depends whose ox is gored.

    Not that I cheat on my taxes and wank at internets porn, of course. I’m a Green.

  3. You can’t preach at the choir, Alesh. They’re too busy singing.

    Squat has it right. He also may be Kermit the Frog. And who among us doesn’t lie with pigs every now and again? Honest mistakes, all.

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