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Listen now: Buildingsandfood.com Radio I know what you’ve been thinking. “Sure, it’s all well to have this blog and everything, but why doesn’t it have a soundtrack? Wouldn’t the things typed in here make a lot more sense if there was music to like, you know, complement it?” Well, the answer is most definitely yes, and so I present you here with my very own B&F radio station.

Ok, it’s a link to a Pandora quick mix. Nothing special, actually. Unless you like things that are AWESOME. Actually, I’m not really sure how well this is going to work. My friends have been using my Pandora account almost exclusively to listen to music at their house, and they’ve added a bunch of things to it. (Double scoop of “avant garde jazz.”) And I suspect that anyone who clicks through can change the mix for everyone else, which should make this interesting. Think of it as an experiment.

Also, you have to sort of give it a chance — there’s so many different things programmed into it that it’ll take awhile to get a flavor for what you’re going to get. Eclecticism. This also seems like a good time to point out that I have another blog, a Tumblr that has lots of music on it. (Mostly, stuff goes here if it involves a significant amount of typing. The stuff on the tumblr is mostly stuff grabbed from other places. Like a scrapbook. But online, the way the kids do these days.)

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