DrawMoween 2008


Saturday Started DrawMoween, a thirty-day challenge to make one drawing a day for thirty days. I’m in, and I’m going to be uploading my pictures here all month (newest drawings will show up first). We’ll see how it goes (and yes, I do know that I can’t draw).

2 thoughts on “DrawMoween 2008

  1. What happened to your DrawMoween? Did you fink out on day 4 or just keeping your greatness to yourself?

  2. Yeah, I totally finked out. Rule #1 of blogs: Never ever say you’re going to do something. “I’m going to be posting more” “I’m going to write a great post about Missy Elliot (or global warming) or a long think piece about Art Basel.”

    Do or don’t do — there is no “say I’ll do.”

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