Bicycle meals of Georgia and Florida

I was saving this one. OK, going 80 miles on a bike every day means you get to eat a lot of food. In a weird way, my trip (first two slide shows here and here) ended up consisted of biking, sleeping, and eating. There was plenty of shitty fast food, and an inordinate amount of convenience-store junk food (often a good source of easily-digestible carbs, so actually healthy in this context), but at least once a day something semi-miraculous landed in front of me, and as much as anything, the food made the trip worth it. I took photos of most of these restaurants, but in the end I decided to leave the slideshow be just of food. Here’s one that I couldn’t resist sharing, though. Click it to see the food:

Singleton's, Mayfair, FL

By the way, Singleton’s is actually more legit then it looks in this photo. There’s a fishing boat moored out back, and inside it reeks of fish in a slightly unpleasant way. You get acclimated, but I’m just saying. Sometimes the first-off-the-boat touristy place is actually the real deal.

5 thoughts on “Bicycle meals of Georgia and Florida

  1. You and I have the same tastes. God I love gravy.

    I’m sure some of the locals thought it strange that you were taking pictures of your food.

  2. Wow, that styrofoam clamshell with brimming with white gravy. I’m speechless with horror and appreciation.

    Also, apparently french fries are the preferred food of cyclists.

    Nice, will be frying fish within the hour in your honor.

  3. Chad~

    It’s funny though how your body, after days on the bike, does start to have peculiar and specific cravings; the sort of thing I’ve heard pregnant women experience. But NO… french fries are not anything to do with that; they are merely a gastronomic inevitability in the roadside cuisine of the USA.


    My first breakfast after leaving Savannah consisted of a fresh saran-wrapped BBQ sandwich bought at a gas station-cum-supermarket in the heart of Georgia — the only non-prepacked foodstuff on hand for 30 miles in any direction. I ate it 10 miles up the road with some Fig Newtons. Which, btw, are the preferred food of cyclists.


    I didn’t notice anybody noticing, but I have to tell you that overall I was impressed by the level of benevolence that was showed me by everyone I ran across.


    you can get it still, but damn I miss the way they served it up at Smitty’s, with extra dark home fries. That’s the way to make it for cyclists — triple carb style.

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