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Apple Tablet. Pretty cool, and very close to what I requested in an e-reader. But the problem with this is the same problem the iPhone has (exacerbated by the big screen) — you forget that you’re not using a “real” computer, and you keep getting frustrated by the stuff you can’t do. Which is anything to do with real typing. And forget about plugging in an external keyboard, because then the touch-screen becomes very awkward to use. Also, the big piece of glass that makes up its face is going to make this a very fragile object in any situation other then sitting on the couch. If this is really what’s coming, I worry that it’ll be Apple’s Segway — a beautiful and inspiring device that isn’t useful beyond a few specific niche markets.

3 thoughts on “Apple Tablet

  1. If Apple is smart enough, they’ll include a stand that puts it at an angle like a picture frame. If you need to type something major, you put it on your stand, connect an external mouse/keyboard and get it done.

    A touchscreen keyboard should work just fine for sending a quick e-mail or typing a web address from bed.

  2. I agree that a touchscreen keyboard (nearly full-size in landscape) would work somewhat well. But as soon as your tablet is in that stand (could be a kickstand), using the touch interface becomes real impractical.

    Anything serious that I do on the computer involves combinations of keyboard and mouse work, multiple applications, and lots of cut and paste — all of which will be a real pita on the tablet as currently pictured.

    It’s still my DREAM e-reader.

    BUT: you see the two black bars on either side of the screen? OK, slide the screen to one edge, so you have a big black bar on just one side. Now put a nice little hardware keyboard there, to be used with the thumbs in vertical orientation, ala the Kindle. DONE, friends.

  3. OH! One more thing — Apple will be leaving piles of money big enough for me to build a high school out of on the table if this thing can’t run a version of firefox that supports all existing plugins.

    Which it won’t (support firefox).

    Which means me and my posse will be waiting for the bullshit no-name knockoff in a similar form factor that runs Linux, expected 18 months to the day from the launch of the iTablet.

    Think it over, Apple.

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