Where to hide stuff in your home

From a conversation with a burglar, Where to hide stuff in your home, Part 1 and Part 2. Of course the thing that most of us worry about losing these days is our data. I have an external hard drive stashed in the guts of my sofa connected to my computer by a cable that runs along the same route as the 12+ other cables plugged into my computer. They can steal my computer (upgrade opportunity!), but I’ve got all my data. On the other hand, when my friends had their house broken into recently, the thief ignored their brand new 24” iMac (easy to carry under one arm!) in favor of rifling through their bedroom drawers for jewelry.

One thought on “Where to hide stuff in your home

  1. I was recently burglarized, they took a 32” tv and a 1.75 bottle of vodka! Apparently they didn’t have to go far. They did also look in the toilet tank.

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