Weekendly clickables XXII

  • You love Paul Krugman, right? You should read the profile of him (and his wife! Who pretty much co-writes his columns with him it turns out!) in the New Yorker. And check him out on Charlie Rose in 1999, sort of predicting our current economic crisis (tho he’s predicting it for 2002, not 2008). He’s been on Charlie Rose 20 times in all.
  • Should babies be allowed in bars?
  • TheAwl post of the day: The Five Kinds of Appeal to Authority You Meet on the Internet.
  • To the Best of Our Knowledge on alcoholism and other addictions. (I’ve no idea why TTBOOK is still doing Real Audio… you’re much better off finding the episode on iTunes.
  • Recently discovered audio interview with Malcolm X.
  • David Byrne writes about being on TED.
  • Dylan Fareed’s “We Are So Good Together” print. As of this writing there are 345 of the 11×14” left for $50, and you will kick yourself if you don’t get one before they sell out.
  • The Last Resort Letters. On board each of the UK’s 20 nuclear submarines, there’s safe. And inside the safe, there’s another safe. And inside that safe, there’s a HAND WRITTEN letter from the current prime minister, instructing the captain of the submarine what to do in case a nuclear attack has destroyed Britain. Nobody knows what the letters say (they’re destroyed, unread, each time a new prime minister is sworn into power), but presumably they tell the captain to not bother launching a retaliatory attack, because what would be the point? A topic deserving of some unpacking, which Ira Glass does in this episode of TAL.
  • Learn guitar in 10 minutes with Nashville Pussy (via Klosterman’s Twitter).
  • I haven’t been watching Saturday Night Live regularly for a long time, but as far as I can tell yesterday’s was maybe the best episode in like a decade and a half. Also, Hulu has whole episodes as of recently. So, Saturday Night Live with Zach Galifianakis. And, regardless of how you feel about the Vampire Weekend issue, they are great on this.

2 thoughts on “Weekendly clickables XXII

  1. 1) Zach G.‘s opening monologue on SNL made me double over laughing. He was the best thing about the show, by far. Well, VW was OK, too. Probs the best live act I’ve seen on SNL for awhile.

    2) Babies shouldn’t be allowed anywhere. They should be kept at home, or at playgrounds and parks, or at baby-school. EFF BABIES!!!!!!!

  2. Generally, babies should be prohibited from bars unless there’s a neeed for one as an ingredient in a mixed drink.

    Why is there no comment tab for your inspid Aerospace post?

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