Weekendly clickables IV

5 thoughts on “Weekendly clickables IV

  1. The link for the blog that you can’t understand doesn’t work.

    Also, 100 qualities he should possess… kinda lame. Makes me feel like I’m reading a livejournal or something.

  2. Fixed!

    You read that thing? I sort of hopped around and posted it because I thought the idea was funny more then it was worth reading beginning to end. + the iamneurotic namecheck on see #47.


  3. if you build your own fixed gear, make sure that the cranks are quality. i built one out of an 83 raleigh, but i didnt change the cranks. with all the braking, the left crank eventually snapped off. something to do with the type of pin it uses to keep the pin connected to the gear.

  4. The biggest mystery to me re building a bike is the bottom bracket. Does it come with the cranks? Is it difficult to install? How do I know that the BB I buy will fit on the old Schwinn body I’m working with? (Check out these …)

  5. yes, the BB is difficult to install. The older Schwinns weren’t threaded for a cartridge, so you’ll need to either get the bearings/cups or an adapter. Go to Fritz’s and ask for Nick, he’ll set you up.

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