Torture memos released!

Torture memos released! “These ten techniques are: (1) attention grasp (2) walling (3) facial hold (4) facial slap (insult slap) (5) cramped confinement (6) wall standing (7) stress positions (8) sleep deprivation (9) insects placed in a confinement box and (10) waterboard. You have informed us that the use of these techniques would be on an as-needed basis and that not all of these techniques will necessarily be used.” The ACLU has the complete scans for your reading displeasure. Or, if you want instant ungratification, skip to the “update” section here and just read some choice excerpts and commentary.

3 thoughts on “Torture memos released!

  1. Lighten up. Americans do not torture. Just frat-house hazing, remember?

    See today’s NY Times headline for the world record holders of waterboarding toleration.

  2. The fucking Times. I listened to the “take away,” and what I took away is that the new york times is not sure that waterboarding once is torture, but they’re pretty darned sure that doing it 183 times is.


    And they’re still skirting my central question.

  3. They’re also pretty dang sure that the CIA just lied about it.

    And they reveal, through the Q&A process that agents provided, why Monkey Boy assured the public that “Americans don’t torture.” Evidently they find waterboarding a non-fatal, non-injurious technique because there’s no danger of death or disabling injury. It’s “just” agonizing and terrifying, like telling a prisoner with a fear of insects that the harmless caterpillars you’re putting in his confined box are deadly.

    Nasty shit.

    My opinion, fwiw: Does it work? Not reliably. Would it be OK if it did? No. That’s the view from this armchair, anyway.

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