The tech-savvy at-risk youth

Stephen Colbert calls his studio audience “citizens” and his TV audience “nation.” Ze Frank called his The Show audience “sports racers.” Dan Savage calls his audience “the tech-savvy at-risk youth.” More?

6 thoughts on “The tech-savvy at-risk youth

  1. This reminds me of my first year English professor, she would refer to the class as “the writers.”

  2. Hmm… and someone, not sure who, uses “good morning campers,” but i’m not sure if it’s someone on tv or someone i know!

  3. Jay Smooth calls his audience “people, People, PEOPLE!!”

    It’s slowly dawned on me that that is exactly true of Savage. Maybe I was in denial about it because it’s so much funnier for it to be a reference to his audience.

    That Jermaine Dupri video is great, and I love that the term “lifers” isn’t strictly directed outward — it embodies the possibility that the people in the room with him and the people watching the video are part of the same group. (As much as I love the sonic and musical innovations in hip-hop, the difference in the semantics — the relationship between performer and audience, between life any lyrics — is just as exiting to me.)

  4. Isaac Asimov refered to the person reading his work as “Gentle Reader”, used frequently in his essays, especially those on writing. I always loved that particular second person reference.

  5. Dan Savage does not call his audience “tech savvy, at-risk youth”. Those are literally tech savvy, at-risk youth that help him produce his show. They work in the studio.

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