Stephen Colbert calls his studio audience “citizens” and his TV audience “nation.” Ze Frank called his The Show audience “sports racers.” Dan Savage calls his audience “the tech-savvy at-risk youth.” More?

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  1. R.    May 15, 12:17 PM #  

    This reminds me of my first year English professor, she would refer to the class as “the writers.”

  2. alesh    May 15, 01:12 PM #  

    Hmm… and someone, not sure who, uses “good morning campers,” but i’m not sure if it’s someone on tv or someone i know!

  3. Jay Smooth    May 15, 04:50 PM #  

    Jermaine Dupri and his entourage call viewers of their dementedly self-absorbed youtube videos “lifers”

    Joe Budden’s fans are famously known as “INTERNET SOLDIERSSSSS

    I think that Dan Savage label is for his staff/interns, not the audience?

  4. alesh    May 15, 09:02 PM #  

    Jay Smooth calls his audience “people, People, PEOPLE!!”

    It’s slowly dawned on me that that is exactly true of Savage. Maybe I was in denial about it because it’s so much funnier for it to be a reference to his audience.

    That Jermaine Dupri video is great, and I love that the term “lifers” isn’t strictly directed outward — it embodies the possibility that the people in the room with him and the people watching the video are part of the same group. (As much as I love the sonic and musical innovations in hip-hop, the difference in the semantics — the relationship between performer and audience, between life any lyrics — is just as exiting to me.)

  5. Adrian    May 18, 10:58 PM #  

    Isaac Asimov refered to the person reading his work as “Gentle Reader”, used frequently in his essays, especially those on writing. I always loved that particular second person reference.

  6. Brian    Jun 10, 06:42 PM #  

    Dan Savage does not call his audience “tech savvy, at-risk youth”. Those are literally tech savvy, at-risk youth that help him produce his show. They work in the studio.

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