4 thoughts on “Rock bands will die out around 2026

  1. Actually, after seeing my 12 year old daughter and her friends rock out to Rock Band on the Wii, and the subsequent filling out of her iPod with classic rock, I’m a believer. Rock Band and Guitar Hero have been antidotes to the current crappy state of music affairs. All is not lost.

    (BTW, why no comments in “Vamos a Cuba” posts?

  2. Squathole~ There are bands! You are OLD!!

    Alex~ Hmph. I guess it’s all good. I’ve never played GH, but I’ve watched people play it, and it looked pretty lame to me. Plus, what’s up with all the music being either (1) Interpol or (2) stuff that sounds just like Interpol?

    (There was a problem with the Vamos post — fixed now!)

  3. It is lame beyond belief, but play it one time (especially if you can’t play a real guitar) and see if you don’t get hooked. It’s harder than it looks. The drums are pretty hard as well.

    There are some bad songs but there are some classics. (I imagine some bands asked for too much money, but that’s shortsighted; this is the best thing that has happened to rock in decades). The point is that it gets kids into the music.

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