Online image editing

Online image editing: I’m working on a computer that I don’t want to install anything more then I need to, so I’m trying to use all online apps to get my stuff done. Here’s a relatively awesome online replacement for Photoshop: Splashup. No ads, no registration, easily loads images from your machine or from the web, and relatively powerful (layers!).

2 thoughts on “Online image editing

  1. I use picnik whenever I want an easy edit. Technically don’t think you need to register to use it, but if you do you get access to a couple of other higher end editing features.

    I’m not sure it gives you layers but it covers the basics quite well IMO. and it’s also free.

  2. I used to use picnik, and swore it off after they forked off the paid version. But in any case, Splashup is both more powerful and less annoyingly designed. And the layout is similar enough to Photoshop that it’s seamless to use. You might want to give it a shot.

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