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My mind’s made up: I’m buying a Mac mini. Apple has a serious problem with their lineup: their middle of the road computers, the iMacs, only come with monitors built in. I already own a monitor, so I’m forced to choose between the underpowered minis and the outrageously expensive Pros. (I’ve never felt the need to own a laptop.) Well, it’s settled; with the next update, I’m going to get a mini.

3 thoughts on “my next computer

  1. When answering a similar question last year I went with the iMac instead and just used my existing monitor for a dual monitor setup. If you have the desk real estate for two monitors, I’d highly recommend it.

  2. I’ve had that suggested to me, and honestly, the 27” imac screen is insanely great. It’s not so much that I don’t have the room for it, but I don’t do enough design at work anymore to need it. For web surfing, movie watching, etc, the 27” is more than enough (and a dell 24 ultrasharp next to it is going to look less than good. maybe if it was a 17” it’d make sense as a place for photoshop palettes to live once in awhile.”

    Too, the affordability of the mini is part of the equation. Justifying the upper-range imac is harder when i have a quad-core dell with win7 and tons of hard drives sitting around.

    On the other hand, i could ebay the ultrasharp, and dual-boot the iMac as either a Mac or as a monitor for the dell, right?

  3. I agree with your complaint about the middle of Apple’s lineup. That aside, the Mini is a great Mac anyway. I’ve had the first Intel version for years now and it’s still pumping like a champ. I have a 13” MBP as well which is top notch and an iPad. When I’m up for replacing the MBP, though, I won’t get another MBP, I’ll just get a Mini.

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