Invest in a human being

Here’s a bizzaro idea — Invest in a human being. You: a rich person. Them: broke but very promising. The terms: You give them a big chunk up front for a percentage of their pay for the rest of their lives, maybe with a buy-out clause. This is perfectly reasonable as a thought experiment, but it’s also a slightly creepy real thing that actually happens, with actual contracts and numbers and I guess audits. Not related, but fun anyway: how to sell a dollar for more then a dollar, and what it means for politics.

2 thoughts on “Invest in a human being

  1. Yes, what we need is an exchange for this stuff! But give us some terms — how much do you want, and what percentage of your salary-for-life are you willing to give for it. I suppose you’d also want to, ahem, give your age, and your earning history, and yeah your resume. And maybe record one of those videos where you’re talking into the camera.

    But wait, you’ve linked to your blog. I think that really says it all — where do I send the check?

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