6 thoughts on “How to make coffee

  1. A cafetera goes for about $5, you get some Pilon or Bustelo coffee or any other brand of Arabica coffee, and you will have the best coffee at home.

  2. Yeah ok thanks. I do not disagree that if you are accustomed to it that is wonderful coffee indeed and that it is “a thing,” for everything that that is worth.

    But if you continue to insist Pilon and Bustelo, only available in Miami pre-ground as far as I know, are better then any reasonable freshly-ground bean, then I’d suggest that you’re in a slim minority among people with strong opinions about strong coffee.

  3. I just mention those two brand because they are the two popular brands of arabica coffee here in South Florida. It doesn’t matter if its pilon or bustelo, just as long as its arabica, because it is delicious.

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