4 thoughts on “David Forster Wallace’s Kenyon College commencement speech

  1. infinitesummer.org

    “the challenge: Join endurance bibliophiles from around the world in reading Infinite Jest over the summer of 2009, June 21st to September 22nd. A thousand pages1 รท 92 days = 75 pages a week. No sweat.”

  2. I read it twice. I will probably not read it once more, altho if I did, I’d love it all over again.

    Other books I’ve read twice: Earthly Powers, Tremor of Intent, and M/F (all 3 by Anthony Burgess), Catcher in the Rye (at LEAST twice), The World According to Garp, and A Prayer for Owen Meany (John Irving). Life is so short, spare time so dear, and there are so many books worth reading. Not to mention porn on teh internets.

  3. I will read it. One day.

    DFW fans should read Special Topics in Calamity Physics. Great book.

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