6 thoughts on “About the diet soda

  1. I drink way too much Coke Zero. So much so, that a friend of mine is worried I might grow a couple of extra appendages in the near future. Although I hope, if I’m lucky, I end up gaining some sort of telekinetic ability or maybe just an unhuman healing ability and a set of adamantium claws. But seriously, I need to tone it down a bit.

    & yes, I’d rather be drinking beer.

  2. Soda is the new cigarettes. Diet soda is the new filter cigarettes. Some day we’ll look back at carbonated soft drinks with disgust and amazement. Sugar or non, they’re essentially poison in a plastic bottle (which is ALSO poison!).

    And when it comes to beer, remember, it’s 5:00 somewhere.

  3. The thing that YOU AMERICANS have not figured out is that there are other options besides LOTS OF SUGAR and LOTS OF ARTIFICIAL SWEETENER.

    Lots of things would taste better with like 1/3 the sugar that’s in there now, or NO sugar at all.

    Worse still, it’s not really sugar we’re talking bout — it’s vile High Fructose Corn Syrup

  4. It’s just something I like to kick around for emphasis. “Lots of fucking sugar and lots of fucking artificial sweetener.” You know.

    John Oliver once introduced the Bugle like this “Good morning Buglers! It’s the 23rd of July, 2009, or as you AMERICANS call it, July 23rd, 2009.” Not sure why I find that so amusing. But yeah, I guess ‘you Americans’ makes more sense from Oliver then from me.

    Also, it’s not as if the companies are polling us to see how we want our products sweetened. Still, they’re making the decision somehow, and maximizing profits, which means somebody it buying — and enjoying — this crap.

    And believe me brother, it ain’t me.

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