A photoblog


I’m messing around with the idea of a photoblog. Just stripped down the default template to the bones and worked it up with some minimalist CSS, so it’s looking semi-presentable. Too, it’s easy to add stuff to it, so I’ll be posting images regularly at least for a little bit. All I really need is a name, if anyone has suggestions?

6 thoughts on “A photoblog

  1. “More photos about building and food.” Or maybe just, “Ed.”

    Besides, if that’s the sort of campy crap you plan to post, you might as well give it up. Nice shirt, though. Matching tongues.

  2. what platform did you use to set up your photoblog? I like the ease and accessibility of tumblr but like I said, I’m not entirely satisfied with it… at least not yet.

  3. Pixelpost. I’m not completely happy with it either, but my quibbles are pretty minor. There’s a (untested by me) plugin that lets you e-mail photos that automatically show up as posts.

    I built the template from scratch — pixelpost has tags that make it pretty easy.

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