100 best films of the decade

The Times’ 100 best films of the decade. Great list! But!: I like the Bourne series too, but number2?! Also overrated: Slumdog Millionaire (#6), Borat (#11), and Bad Santa (#54). Underrated: The Royal Tenenbaums (#88), Milk (#53), and the films of Spike Jonze, of which Being John Malkovich is #29, and Adaptation and Synecdoche, New York are missing. Also missing: Rachel Getting Married. (via)

7 thoughts on “100 best films of the decade

  1. That’s definitely a weird list. Some strange films are there (really, Knocked Up but no Forty Year Old Virgin?), but top five is really just random. Team America? And it’s a shame the overrated No Country is the only Coen brothers film on the list.

    Also, alesh, I have to say, I could not get through Rachel Getting Married. I wanted to kill myself and all the characters in it halfway through.

  2. This list is quite UK-centric and (like elad said) is just plain weird seemingly simply for the sake of causing an uproar within the blog-world (I refuse to use the word blogosphere). And so, although I will admit their number one choice, Cache, is certainly deserving, I will say no more.

  3. “I will say no more.”

    Well, it’s certainly easy to discredit anyone’s list, esp. as it pertains to something like this. The thing for a self-styled movie buff to do, methinks, is to put together YOUR OWN best-of-the-decade 100 list.

    The Times has done a lot of work for you in this respect, as 90% of the work is just determining who gets ONTO the list (this is also 90% of what anyone cares about). So you can just start with their list, add and delete as necessary, than re-arrange according to your own personal taste.

    For extra credit, you could try to back up some of your choices with the written word.

  4. Thanks for the “advice” alesh, but this “self-styled movie buff” already had something similar in mind. I’m working on my personal list (a mix of important films of the decade as well as underrated personal favorites) and will have it up on my blog soon.

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