Weekendly Clickables XV

I know it’s not the weekend. But I made this over the weekend, more or less, so here goes:

  • Some of Golan Levin’s interactive sculptures are really interesting.
  • Yesterday I got triple retweeted when I said “Ask Metafilter — better than Wikipedia,” and this is what I was referring to — it’s almost impossible to think of a subject and not have AMF come up with the exact bit of advice you need.
  • I do believe I’ve just been challenged to a bet. (Relevant: this is how much of a pita it is to fix the cover art in your mp3s.)
  • Something I didn’t know — you can use AddThis to put obnoxious social bookmarking widgets on every page of your website. (Also: How to make an iPhone version of your site.)
  • Five key reasons why newspapers are failing.
  • I love the beach photo that accompanies this article (about Iraquis saying “fuck the war, let’s go swimming”).
  • Wow, with The Pirate Bay down and MiniNova increasingly blocking copyrighted content, Torrentz is the current How We Do It.
  • 50-minute Bruce Sterling talk. I haven’t watched it yet, but should be good.
  • Speaking of how we’ll be listening to music in 10 years, here’s how I’m listening to music today: my own personal cloud.
  • Dave Ramsey explains how to get out of the car payment trap. (Car? Oh yeah, that’d be a good thing to have.)
  • I’m still trying to figure out the best place to make a one-off photo book. Maybe this?
  • “Put your tongue behind your teeth and smile, which will relax your face.” Huh?.
  • Now go look at some music videos.