Yep, turntable.fm is just about the best thing ever. You need to agree to a terrifying browser warning to log in with Facebook, but it seems to work just fine afterwards.

2 thoughts on “Turntable.fm

  1. “The best thing ever.” It pops up with zero explanation of what it is, how it works, and what the user is supposed to do to make it work, assuming there’s something to work at all. Maybe it’s just visual art? Nothing, not even a link to a help screen. We’re just supposed to have faith that fooling around with it won’t set us up for some kind of data-disaster or deadly virus while we’re figuring out what it is? Include me out.

  2. Right. Punks made something cool for you to play with, and they expect you to figure it OUT for YOURSELF.

    But like I said, figuring out how to work something is better, easier, and faster than reading some help screen. Just play around with it. Wait, isn’t there an email where I said all this?

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