Mac vs. Windows part 1

So, we got an iMac at work. I’ve used Macs before, but I was particularly interested in whether I could get it to talk to our Windows network, and how much prodding it would take. Our network is a little squirrely, and getting a new Windows machine to talk to it is always a bit of a hassle (and occasionally brings seasoned IT pros close to tears). Well, I plugged in a cable, turned on the iMac, clicked the hard drive, and there it was: all the computers on the network just showed up in the sidebar. I clicked on one, entered a password, and from then on everything worked seamlessly. It hasn’t asked for the password again since.

So, screw you, Microsoft. On other thing. 5 years passed between Windows XP and Windows Vista. You employ like 100,000 people, right? And like a third or something are working on Windows? Well, I see where Vista is an improvement and everything (frankly, it’s got tons of things wrong with it, too), but aside from the cosmetic stuff the changes are really pretty modest. What the hell have you people been doing all this time?

4 thoughts on “Mac vs. Windows part 1

  1. Bummer. But the comments at the link you give indicate that Apple is game to fix the effected machines. I know a few people who own iMacs (both the white plastic ones and the aluminum ones) and no problems for them.

  2. You work on a PC? Always had you for a Mac guy. I’m not a big Apple fan but the products are definitely better.

    I have an iMac as the “home” computer. No lines so far. Crossing my fingers because dealing with Apple customer support is a real PIA.

  3. Dear MS customers: Your problems with Windows systems are no doubt User related (Error 18). We blame Alesh.

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