Blackburn Neuro bicycle computer instruction manuals

Blackburn Neuro bicycle computer instruction manuals. I bought one of these last year after my cheapo cateye let me down for the last time. Not a bad product. Blackburn doesn’t include a printed manual in the box, which wouldn’t be so bad, except that the PDF’s aren’t available on their website. I just came across the CD, so I’m uploading them here in expectation of loosing it sometime in the future, and for the benefit of those who have already lost theirs (and hopefully will to find their way here by the miracles of web search).

One thought on “Blackburn Neuro bicycle computer instruction manuals

  1. Thanks! I needed to see this to check if I wanted to buy it – and I do…
    Why don’t Blackburn put this on their site? They’d sell more computers!!

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