2 thoughts on “Gulf doing better than expected

  1. Plenty of hidden’ damage and it ain’t bringing back these dolphins any time soon.

    “Florida State University oceanographer Ian MacDonald warned his fellow scientists to be on the watch for deaths of big marine mammals. That was in October. Since January, 155 young or fetal dolphins and small whales have washed up on Gulf beaches — more than four times the typical number — according to NOAA.

    A new study estimates that for every dead dolphin that washes ashore there are 50 dolphins that are never found. That suggests more than 7,500 dolphin deaths the first three months of this year alone.”

  2. From the news item you linked:

    “If that pre-spill grade isn’t impressive, it’s because the Gulf has long been an environmental victim- oil from drilling and natural seepage, overfishing, hurricanes and a huge oxygen-depleted dead zone thanks to absorbing 40 percent of America’s farm and urban runoff from the Mississippi River.”

    So basically, the Gulf is back to its pre-spill health, because its pre-spill health was so shitty it doesn’t take much of an improvement to declare “Recovery!”

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