Who am I? I’ve been asked to submit a 100-word bio of myself for a panel at MoCA on March 17th. So… you people know me, right? I never ask you for anything, right? Submit a sentence for my bio! One line! I promise to use some of them! But quick — I promised to get them a thing by the end of the day Wednesday.

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  1. Nerissa    Mar 2, 11:50 PM #  

    Alesh has dazzled all of the patrons of the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood with his contemporary graphic design.


  2. Alex    Mar 3, 07:53 AM #  

    Alesh throws meaty truth to the dogs.

  3. misael    Mar 3, 10:28 AM #  

    Fearless in speaking the truth, Mr. Houdek never looks for the easy solution but for the right one instead.

  4. alesh    Mar 3, 05:59 PM #  

    Yes, thanks. I’m afraid that stuff sounds one way when someone else says it about me, another way again if I’m saying it about myself. Here’s what I finally ended up with. Thoughts?

    Alesh Houdek is a photographer, artist, and graphic designer living in Miami Florida. Born in Prague, his work focuses on how people interact with their environments, and the forces that transform those environments over various time scales. In his job as Marketing and Design manager at the Art at Culture Center of Hollywood, he has guided the small non-profit through the adoption of a series of technologies, including web, video, and social media. For three years he wrote the popular blog Critical Miami, which explored culture, politics, and design, and won the Best Website designation in New Times 2007 “Best of Miami” issue. His work has appeared in the Miami Herald, Damn Magazine, and Ocean Drive. In pursuing these interests, he’s spent 6 months living in Miami with nothing but a bicycle for transportation, was robbed at knife-point while photographing architecture in Bogota, and was hired and then fired the day before beginning a job at the Carnival Center (now Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts) for blogging about the building’s design and construction.

  5. WC    Mar 3, 09:53 PM #  

    Apple fanboy.

  6. doctordenim    Mar 4, 01:23 PM #  

    If it’s not too late, you should add in at some point that you are “raw and uncut, in true Miami fashion.” That way they’ll know you’re legitimate.

  7. Susan    Mar 4, 11:27 PM #  

    Alesh knows very well what he is doing. Go Alesh !

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