A guy who’s blog name I might have stolen makes a delicate comparison between getting his foot shat on and accepting money for blogging. At great great length. Huh.

Posted: Tuesday August 18, 2009 by Alesh Houdek · Categories: Ethics · Comment feed: RSS, atom



  1. sabf    Aug 18, 03:05 PM #  

    I deeply resent your slanderous post about my fort. My fort is shit-free and fucking awesome, it’s got a periscope and a missile launcher and everything.

  2. alesh    Aug 18, 04:52 PM #  

    Ha! I write one sentence and I can’t even get that right. If I had a shingle, I’d hang it up.

  3. Alex    Aug 19, 04:31 PM #  

    You mean you’ll take it down?

  4. alesh    Aug 20, 07:20 AM #  

    That’s it, I’m kicking over a new bucket!!

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