Shanghai 2004: day one


My friends are leaving Friday for three weeks in Shanghai, and I’m stuck here in Miami. But I thought the occasion called for something, so I’m posting a few pictures from my trip there back in 2004. All these were taken on the first day, August 5. Mostly we were just wandering around the neighborhood adjacent to our hotel. There are some original British colonial buildings (our rundown hotel had once been visited by the likes of Bertrand Russell) mixed in with Russian-era Communist architecture and a dash of the ultra-modern that dominates other parts of the city. But mostly it’s just a homey regular Shanghai neighborhood, in a state of constant and frantic flux.

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  1. swampthing    Dec 9, 06:40 PM #  

    travel more, bring back great pics. really, # 15 looks hip but what’s up with the # 1 guy in underwear?

  2. John    Dec 10, 12:26 AM #  

    The pictures capture the daily experience of living in Shanghai very well. A lot of interesting stories in that part of town you stayed.

  3. doctordenim    Dec 10, 05:29 PM #  

    Post more pictures of Coral Way.

  4. alesh    Dec 11, 12:03 AM #  

    These photos are with my Nikon Coolpix 995, which I killed about a week later by dropping it onto concrete, leaving me cameraless for the rest of the trip. A lot of them are badly overexposed, but overall I’m not disappointed with the quality (crappy highlight handling was endemic to older digital cameras, and continues to some degrees until today).

    For fun, try counting the number of pictures that do not include a single bicycle.

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