Wow, Dr. Jack Kevorkian was radicalized by his time in jail — he gave a talk at Nova a couple of weeks ago, and got the crowd riled up, at one point breaking out a US flag modified with a Swastika. So, it turns out uVu, South Florida’s odd little video service, has an archive of the talk: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5. There’s also an interview.

Posted: Monday February 23, 2009 by Alesh Houdek · Categories: Culture · Comment feed: RSS, atom



  1. Christiaan    Feb 24, 04:30 PM #  

    Didn’t Dr. Kevorkian die a couple years ago?

  2. alesh    Feb 24, 09:57 PM #  

    Haha! Hey Christiaan… not sure if you ever got my (second!) e-mail, but here’s the blog:


    Send dude an e-mail!

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