Gizmodo article on how differently-shaped glasses aid the enjoyment of various drinks:

Because each glass practices a kind of liquid manipulation, a mismatched pair can go really wrong. Take, for instance, the case of the Chardonnay in a Riesling glass, which has a classic white wine glass shape. Because both are whites, we tend to pour them in the same holder. But, says Claus’ grandson Maximilian Riedel, “drinking Chardonnay from the Riesling glass dilutes the Chardonnay’s fruit, bringing forward far too much vanilla.” The best bet for Chardonnay is a bigger bulb, which exposes more of the liquid to the air and avoids the intense smell shot.

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  1. Squathole    Apr 7, 07:45 AM #  

    Appalachian moonshine, fresh from the still in a cracked-lip jelly jar glass. Mmmm.

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