Still my favorite blog of the last few months: Cakehead Loves Evil. A few of the things found there this month (in case the ‘love will tear us apart’ masthead isn’t enough for you): Marilyn Minter’s oral fixation photography, insect sushi, the Bush Administration’s disaster coloring book, Battleship Island (amazing abandoned settlement featured on Life After People), 1600 Pandas, People living in a “space station” in the middle of Berlin, this insane set of images from a Pop magazine fashion shoot, 70s porn interiors, Amy Stewart’s garden of poisonous plants, the Janet Jackson Virgin Mary tattoo, and the burst whale.

Posted: Tuesday May 26, 2009 by Alesh Houdek · Categories: Culture · Comment feed: RSS, atom



  1. NicFitKid    May 28, 10:14 PM #  

    Cakehead makes evil easy to love.

  2. alesh    May 29, 07:51 AM #  

    Cakehead makes me wish Nickel Fitting Kid had a blog.

  3. NicFitKid    May 30, 07:31 AM #  

    Now how can I find time to blog when I’ve got all these nickels to fit?

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