WLRN is considering cutting traffic reports?

WLRN is considering cutting traffic reports? Check out the survey they’re asking folks to take. Since cost-cutting is going to come from somewhere (in These Uncertain Economic Times), may as well cut back here. Can’t they get the info from traffic.com or Google anyway?

4 thoughts on “WLRN is considering cutting traffic reports?

  1. Ever since they got rid of Mike Millard, I just can’t get into the traffic reports. I really feel that Andy Wagner’s once brilliant banner has suffered as well.

  2. I thought that their traffic reports were already courtesy of traffic dot com.

    I hope they don’t get rid of them cuz those updates are quite helpful

  3. It’s horrible without Mike Mallard, the traffic reports are a 50/50 shot now. Poor Andy Wagner reads the traffic.com report and sometimes has a north and south road running east and west. You can’t always trust what’s on-line…

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