It’s SUPPOSED to taste like a shit taco

Remember the “what will the Daily Show do when George W. Bush is out of office?” talk? Well, while making fun of FOX News is not going to be a substitute for making fun of a disastrous president, the above needed to be said. It’ll be no fun listening to variations of it repeated ad nauseam, but it sure is fun to hear it once. The quick summation of GWB’s worst hits is worth the price of admission, and the outrage/gloat tone makes this the Daily Show clip for the time capsule. I hope Jon Stewart doesn’t cave to the Media Watchdog role some are pushing him towards, but, among other things, this clip demonstrates how effective he’d be in that role. If I could pick 6 minutes out of the last year of the Daily Show that every person would get to see, this would be it.

One thought on “It’s SUPPOSED to taste like a shit taco

  1. I don’t know if it’s necessarily sad, but to know that a guy like Jon Stewart who (arguably) is trying to make comedy bits has more sense and logic than say a Hannity, has got to say something about some of these other people’s products. (btw, I say arguably b/c maybe comedy was originally his ultimate goal but I think nowadays he simply uses it as a means to make his points.)

    & btw, whoever watches Hannity et al with not a hint of irony in their right mind? All political ideologies aside, forget Stewart cuz these dudes got jokes.

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