Islam: The Way of Life of Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad

ISLAM: The Way of Life of Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad.” So read buses running in Broward County right now. (Here is a photo.) A fairly idiotic statement, considering Islam was founded hundreds of years after Jesus lived. But whatever — 1st Amendment, and all of that, right? Well actually, yes. We can take some comfort in hearing that the best person the Sun Sentinel (and the Herald) could find to speak in favor of pulling the ads is one Joe Kaufman, who “once called for nuclear attacks on Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq” and “wrote that ‘pure merciless force’ was the only way to deal with Muslims.” Nice to see that censorship has such a transparently nutcase spokesman. Not particularly related: atheist bus ads in London.

7 thoughts on “Islam: The Way of Life of Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad

  1. Not THAT idiotic a statement if you view it from the perspective of the way of life referred to, not chronologically. It merely suggests that these spiritual leaders have much in common — all deeply spiritual, compassionate, barefoot — and that commonality lies at the basis of Islam.

    It certainly is phrased wrong, though, as you point out. Literally, it labels Moses a Muslim. And while he’s been called worse, that just isn’t accurate.

    My favorite Muslim was Malcolm Ten.

  2. Yeah, but isn’t that like starting a sect of wine-drinking, long-haired, desert-dweling recluses, and claiming Jesus as a founding member? THE WAY OF LIFE OF JESUS.

    The definition of ‘Muslim’ that CAIR posits,
    “A Muslim is anyone who submits their will to God,” is just not a very good definition qua definition.

  3. squat, dude, stop it. you made me spit out my water!! twice!!!

    btw, that ad makes it sound like someone had a religious draft, sorta like the race draft that Dave Chapelle had on his show.

  4. R: Are you still around? I gave up on your blog when you switched to a bi-monthly posting schedule. Guess I need to re-link.

    BTW — stop drinking water. Fish fuck in it.

  5. sadly, my two year streak of at least 1 post per month ended. (that’s not exactly what I’d call blogging anyways.)

    But hey! I’m never not around. When I don’t post, I lurk. & thx for the relink!

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