Is sugar a toxin?

A pretty convincing lecture by Robert Lustig that sugar — both high-fructose corn syrup and regular refined sugar — is harmful to the human body in a way that’s utterly separate from the calories it contains. A NYTimes article covers all the same points and gives some background on the video. No more cake!

5 thoughts on “Is sugar a toxin?

  1. See also the longish essay in last Sunday’s NY Times Magazine. While it goes on at some length w/r/t toxicity, there is no mention of its insidious addictive nature, a topic I can address from personal experience.

  2. You’re probably thinking of the longish New York Times Magazine essay that I linked to in the paragraph under the video up there. But thanks for waking up, General Bass.

  3. Hard to say because when I follow that link it takes me to today’s NY Times, not the specific article I referenced. But maybe Generals get special treatment.

  4. Yep — tried it again today. I follow the link which sends me to a page that asks me to log in for the NYTimes, which I do, and I’m sent to the newspaper’s home page.

    This may be because I’m a subscriber, not a General.

  5. The fucking New York Times… so try this: log in, then come back here and click the link again. If THAT still doesn’t work, they’re more up-fucked then I’d previously thought. It’s all to do with this stupid new paywall.

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