3 thoughts on “Criticism of the Space Shuttle program

  1. Interesting counter-programming for the Apollo 11 landing’s 40th anniversary.

    Is your beef with the shuttle program, or with manned spaceflight in general? For an alternative view of what could be done with existing shuttle tech, see The Direct Team (via Science Friday).

  2. My beef, such as it is, is with the space program in general.

    I hate Science Friday. Ira Flatow is a lousy interviewer (defined as: someone who, when his conversation partner says something amazing, ignores it and goes on to his next scripted question rather than following up), does not exhibit much understanding of what he’s talking about, and is generally annoying.

    The NPR On Science podcast (I think culled from All Things Considered, etc.) is better, though the way it jumps from subject to subject is distracting.

  3. See Tom Wolfe’s longish commentary in yesterday’s NY Times. Premise: the moon landing was the end of the program, not the beginning of the promised space age.

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