Art Basel 2010 warmup


Well folks, it’s that time again. The weather is completely going to be cooperating this year: a little drizzle tomorrow, and then cool and beautiful straight through the weekend. You can find some absurdly overstuffed lists of “events” so I’m going to link to a few of the more moderated things

  • ArtFagCity’s list of fairs, with the caveat that I think Scope has always been worthwile, and is high up on my list.
  • Liz’s guide to events and parties at The Heat Lightning. I’ve been adding events there, so it’s official to me.
  • Another good guide to the fairs at Beached Miami. And here is a pretty nice PDF map that you can print, with locations and deets on all the fairs.
  • The New Times’ list also looks pretty good.
  • And here’s an oddball list of events in the New York Times(!).

Here’s a tentative list of things I may or may not do, which I WILL be adding/correcting to:

Tuesday Nov 30

  • Opening of Frances Trombly: Paintings at Girl’s Club, Ft. Lauderdale.
  • Arts for a Better World opening.

Wednesday Dec 1

  • 10 pm Art Loves Music (Metric)

Thursday Dec 2

  • MAM Party, Scope party, NADA party(?)
  • Basel Antics (Phantogram!)
  • Transit lounge: live performance by Panic Bomber with a band

Friday Dec 3

  • 4 – 8 pm — Island (at the mondrian)
  • 7-11 pm — Reception at Carol Jazzar

Saturday Dec 4

Sunday Dec 5

  • Breakfast in the park, FIU Frost art Museum