Art Basel 2008 – mo links

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  1. I love betting on horse racing but I know nothing about it. My picks are based entirely on what I overhear other people bet on and which horse’s name I like the most—and I’ll lay money down on Sir-Talks-a-Lot for no good reason at all. I don’t like gambling much in general. Cards are duller than golf and slot machines feel like work after a couple minutes, but horse racing is different. The lead will change hands several times during the course of a race, which makes for crazy ups and downs. The problem is that I feel a little bad for the horses, which get injected with steroids and have little people riding around on them. I think the fix would be to bet on people in foot races instead of horses. I’d also be better at handicapping and picking a winner since I know more about what good human runners are supposed to look like than horses.

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