A note on weather, winter, 2009

The first day of winter was December 21, 2008. The last day of winter will be March 19, 2009. So we’re more or less in the middle of winter. Yet today, the high temperature here in Miami is 81 degrees, and the humidity right now is hovering close to 90%. It’s hot and sticky, and this is just not right.

2 thoughts on “A note on weather, winter, 2009

  1. OK, I had a crappy morning. It wasn’t even to do with the weather, but the cold did not help.

    I woke up to realize I’d left a window open (and of course my appt has no AC), then tried to catch the bus which did NOT COME (i’m convinced they changed the schedule without posting anything about it online), caught another bus, but then had to pedal the bike from Aventura mall to Hollywood, against the wind, wearing only a long-sleve shirt and a light sweater. COLD I tellya.

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