A little light reading, 1

Um, so the underlined things in all the stuff I’ve been writing are hyperlinks, and they usually point to things that I thought were worth reading or whatever. Most of y’all never click them, and that’s fine, but it bears mentioning. Here are some things that are also probably worth reading:

One thought on “A little light reading, 1

  1. The birthday dinner thing was deja vu, because I just went to one of those, complete with the cheapskate girl who made the brilliant move of ordering on a separate tab, another who brought a date who took the longest to pay his share (looking real pissed too) and the couple who left early leaving 80 bucks to pay their share (which was more like $120).

    And yes, the Atlantic is brilliant. Wish more Republicans heeded it. But you have to balance it with TNR.

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